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Delight Your Wedding Guests With A Popcorn Bar

Wedding popcorn bars are more popular than ever before. Your guests will love it.

A wedding popcorn bar is simply a selection of three to six different flavors of popcorn, in large bowls, such as a salad or punch bowl, and your guests can scoop out which popcorn flavors they choose. Most people use plastic cups, clear or the red Solo cups for the guests to scoop their popcorn into.

We have a wide selection of popcorn flavors to choose from. See flavor page. The most popular popcorn flavors are Caramel Corn, Cheddar, Movie and kettle Corn.

You can order the popcorn by the gallon, so you can get exactly the amount you need for the number of guests you will have. We have a formula to calculate how much popcorn you need.

The cost is about $1.27 per person, depending on the flavors you select.

Give us a call and we can schedule a time for you to come in to sample the flavors you wish.

A popcorn bar at your wedding is a great addition and your wedding guests will love it.

Contact us to schedule a time to come in to taste the different flavors, so you can choose which popcorn flavors you like best.